Optically Clear, Medical Grade Epoxy


Effectively  used in medical device manufacturing applications, Master Bond UV10TKMed is a  higher viscosity UV system for bonding, sealing and coating that passes USP  Class VI testing. It also meets the requirements of ISO 10993-5 for  cytotoxicity. This  one part system is optically clear and has a very high glass transition  temperature that exceeds 140°C.  It resists repeated sterilization, including radiation, ethylene oxide,  chemical sterilants and especially autoclaving. UV10TKMed’s service temperature  ranges from -60°F  to +450°F.  It combines dimensional stability with low shrinkage upon curing. 

The system is  100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. UV10TKMed  cures readily in 20-30 seconds when exposed to a UV light source emitting at a  wavelength of 320-365 nm with an energy output as low as 20-40 milliwatts per  cm². The rate of cure depends upon the compound’s distance from the light  source, the thickness of the section and the intensity of the light source. It  should be noted that this system can cure in sections up to ¼ inch. However,  when bonding, sections of a few thousandths of an inch are more than adequate. 

Master  Bond UV10TKMed is not oxygen inhibited and therefore does not require any  special treatment in that regard. It bonds well to glass, composites, surface  treated metals and plastics such as polycarbonates and acrylics, among others. UV10TKMed  is not only effective for bonding applications; it can also be used as a  coating or sealant. UV10TKMed is a superlative electrical insulator. This  UV system has a shelf life of 6 months in original, unopened containers with no  exposure to light. It is available in syringe applicators, ½ pint, pint, quart,  gallon and 5 gallon  containers


  • for bonding, sealing and coating
  • one part system
  • resists repeated sterilization
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