Optically Coupled Isolators: ±6kV input-to-output isolation


Providing design engineers with an extended range of isolators for applications that require 6kVDC electrical isolation, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has expanded its family of optically coupled isolators. Designated the OPI7000 Series, the isolators consist of an infrared emitting diode coupled to an NPN silicon phototransistor or photodarlington. According to Bob Procsal, applications engineer for OPTEK Technology, the OPI7000 Series isolators were designed to meet the needs of applications that require 6kVDC electrical isolation. "In the new devices, the emitter and collector pin-out is reversed, providing direct pin for pin replacement of a variety of lower isolation voltage 4-pin dual in-line optocouplers," said Procsal. "This allows the isolators to be mounted on existing PC boards designed with 4-pin dual inline packages rated for lower voltages, thus providing design engineers with an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade their existing circuit designs." The OPI7000 Series isolators are ideal for applications that require high voltage isolation between input and output, as well as electrical isolation in dirty environments, including industrial, medical and office equipment. The isolators feature an input-to-output isolation voltage of ±6kV and a power dissipation rating of 100mW. LED peak wavelength is 890nm for the OPI7002 and OPI7010 devices and 890nm or 935nm for the OPI7320 and OPI7340 isolators. The OPI7002 and OPI7010 versions feature a current transfer ratio (CTR) of 20% and 100%, respectively, while the OPI7320 and OPI7340 versions with a photodarlington sensor feature CTRs of 200% and 400%, respectively. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. The LED and sensor are enclosed in a high dielectric plastic housing, and the 0.30= pin spacing is compatible with standard dual-in-line packages. OPTEK will also produce devices to meet specific customer requirements. Custom electrical specifications, wire and cabling, and connectors are also available.
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