The open-back RC cabinet line features an expansive range of frame designs, allowing various surface-mount or flush/recessed mount options and styles. The depth options of the cabinets permit different mounting choices in the front and rear, and a diversity of ways to layout the cable management. The cabinet is EIA compatible and is cable industry formatted. The open base designs and top panels provide a large area for cable entry and the inset base offers an adjustable footing. A variety of exhaust fans and ventilation is also possible with the top panel options. The sides of the cabinet have dual handles with a quick release feature. Due to the unique bezel styles of the vertical cabinets for both 19" and 24" systems, it is possible to combine EMI/RFI shielding and independent, removable side, top and bottom panels and doors for labor saving system installation and service. A variety of rail types and hole patterns are available to meet a wide range of requirements. Optional features of the cabinets include dust and moisture protection, cooling systems, cable management systems, hard-mounting, electrical plug strips, and more. Also, there is not any drilling required for multi-bay attachment. Another key feature of the open-back RC cabinet enclosure line is the high strength-to-weight ratio. With a lightweight extruded aluminum frame, the rugged bezel design is rated at a 6600-pound static load. The structural base and sides have feature-reinforced aluminum for higher durability. The stylish look of the cabinets is protected with paint adhesion and corrosion resistance via phosphate pre-treating and durable acrylic coating. Optima offers a selection of contemporary colors and custom color matching is available. Optima's other electronic cabinet line includes a product mix of EMC, NEMA, Mil/Aero, Co-location, and Server cabinets.
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