Optisure Optical Hygrometer


Kahn Instruments, Wethersfield, CT, a leading manufacturer of advanced moisture-measurement instrumentation, is proud to introduce the new Optisure Optical Hygrometer.  The Optisure is a high performance, precision hygrometer that utilizes Kahn’s improved optical measurement technology to provide a fundamental, highly accurate and reliable method of continuously measuring the dewpoint temperature of a gas sample.

Available in both vertical and horizontal bench mount configurations, the Optisure with its internal sensor has a measurement range of -76 to +104°F dewpoint and accuracy of ±0.18°F for both dewpoint and temperature measurement.

Key features include a hinged sensor housing that allows easy access to the sensor mirror, a high resolution, backlit LCD screen, MODBUS communications capability and a built-in SD card drive for data logging.  An innovative frost assurance system eliminates any ambiguity in determining ice versus super-cooled water on the sensor mirror, resulting in improved measurement capability, faster response time and more confidence in measurements.  To compensate for the presence of undesirable contaminants on the mirror, Optisure includes an enhanced Dynamic Contamination Correction (DCC) system that automatically eliminates any measurement error that may be caused by mirror particulate contamination.

The Optisure Hygrometer can be used for critical process measurement and control applications or as a laboratory reference standard for calibration of other devices.


The Specifications are: • Fundamental, Accurate, Drift-Free Measurement • -76°F to +104°F Dewpoint Range • Dewpoint Accuracy of ±0.18°F • Advanced Dual Optics System • Analog and Digital Outputs • Multiple Engineering Units • Easy Mirror Access • Integral Flow Transducer • Data Logging to USB or SD Card • Vertical or Horizontal Configuration • NIST Traceability
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