Overhead Safety Gate for Mezzanines and Elevated Platforms


– In response to industry and customer demand for safer and more efficient access by forklifts and personnel to mezzanines and elevated surfaces, Wildeck has introduced a new Overhead Safety Gate.  The safety gate can immediately be incorporated in all new and existing mezzanine structures and elevated surfaces in warehouses, distribution centers, storerooms, and manufacturing facilities.

“Wildeck’s new Overhead Safety Gate,” states Hue Schlegel, marketing director for Wildeck, Inc., “is available from all Wildeck dealers and systems integrators and offers another option for customers looking to increase safety and operational efficiency in their facility.  It is easy to install and we believe that it offers significant improvements over other gate designs.”

According to Schlegel, “The solid, quality construction that is evident in all Wildeck products has been designed into Wildeck’s new safety gate.  It has been engineered for smooth and reliable operation and occupies a small footprint.  When one side opens, the other closes.”

Wildeck’s new gate includes a unique leveling mechanism that has been designed to resist gate binding, while an integral spring assist slows gate descent avoiding operator foot injuries.  The gate is painted safety yellow and is said to meet all industry codes and safety standards.  It also includes a 4-inch high kickplate all-around that keeps material from falling off the edge of the mezzanine or elevated surface.

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