Overload Detection Technology for Mechanical VRCs


Wildeck’s breakthrough AutoSenz™ overload detection system, with easy-to-read graphical display interface, continuously monitors and protects VRCs from jams or material overload conditions.  The new AutoSenz™ system automatically determines the overload setpoint each time the VRC motor starts, which - according to Wildeck - is far superior and safer than fixed setpoint motor overload systems.

“The AutoSenz™ technology,” states Hue Schlegel, marketing manager for Wildeck, Inc., “is truly a breakthrough and is being offered as a standard upgrade package on our wide range of custom mechanical lifts.  It clearly positions Wildeck’s VRCs as the most innovative and safe mechanical lifts on the market today.”

According to Wildeck, if material shifts and accidentally projects off the side of a VRC carriage and enters the running / clearance zone, the material could become wedged between the carriage and side of the building or other surrounding equipment or structure.  Since standard VRCs are designed to provide their full lifting force, an accidental jam could cause severe equipment and facility damage.  Wildeck’s new AutoSenz™ overload detection system has been designed to stop the VRC in its tracks and alert the operator so corrective action can be taken.  The integral digital controller communicates a wide range of functional data, VRC status, and a complete VRC event history – features that are not available from other VRC manufacturers.

Wildeck’s new mechanical lifts with AutoSenz™ technology are well suited for multi-level applications demanding faster speeds and higher frequency rates.  Heavy-duty 4-Post Lifts, Straddle Lifts, Cantilever Lifts, and Automated Mechanical Lift designs are available for distribution centers and warehouses, manufacturing and assembly plants, government and military facilities, and numerous other applications.

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