Overview Brochure on Pneumatics


A new 20-page color brochure from the Pneumatics business unit of Bosch Rexroth Corporation provides important product information and emphasizes the versatility and precision of Rexroth pneumatic standard and custom solutions. Four-color photographs accompany many of the product descriptions for industrial pneumatic directional control valves, cylinders and actuators, automation/handling devices, vacuum devices, air preparation, electro-pneumatic pressure control devices, mobile/oilfield valves, mobile/oilfield actuators and cylinders, pneumatic and electronic marine control, and inverted tooth chain. The brochure also describes a number of accessories that complete pneumatic applications, including fittings/tubing, silencers, flow control valves, accessory valves, relay valves and shock absorbers.

In addition to standard product lines, a broad range of custom pneumatic products enables Rexroth to provide application-specific solutions across a wide range of industries. The brochure also describes the Rexroth GoTo focused delivery program which includes in addition to pneumatic components: hydraulic, linear motion, aluminum framing, electric controls and tightening systems.
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