Own Your Future


It used to be that if you studied and worked hard, you could be assured of an extremely satisfying career. But in a world of constant layoffs and dying industries, it has become increasingly difficult to "plan" your way to success.

So what is the solution? Well, when it comes to dealing with uncertainty, nobody handles it better than successful entrepreneurs. That's why you want to take the same approach they do! Based on extensive research and interviews, Own Your Future shows how to apply the simple model they use--Act. Learn. Build. Repeat--to reinvent the way you maneuver in an unpredictable job market.

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Here's an overview of how the ALBR process works:

  • Determine your desire. Ask yourself: "What do I truly want to do? What do I want to create?" Then explore: "Do I have the skills, contacts, and outlook it takes? Is it worth doing?" Then, ask yourself again: "Do I want to do it?"
  • Take a small, smart step toward it. Find out if your idea is viable. Do some market research. Make an inexpensive prototype. 
  • Learn from taking that first step. Evaluate the lessons, the potential for success, and the obstacles you'll have to overcome. If you still want to do it and believe you can succeed, build on that step and take another step forward. Learn from that one. Repeat.
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