OX 7104 –CK portable oscilloscope


Responding to market demand, AEMC’s NEW OX 7104-CK Oscilloscope is the first 12-bit four-isolated-channel 600V Cat III on the market with up to eight traces on the screen. This all-in-one portable and rugged hand-held instrument features five complementary tools: an Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer, TRMS Multimeter, Harmonic Analyzer and a Recorder. The Model OX 7104-CK has both reporting and recording capilibilities with an 8000-count display. The four-channel high-speed digital recorder function has sample rates as fast as 800µs and recording times up to an entire month. For precise analyzing, the automatic measurements window displays up to 18 parameters of a signal. These measurements include: AC and DC voltage measurements, current measurements, resistance measurements and temperature measurements. The OX 7104-CK is the first in its category to offer sophisticated triggering functions that go beyond triggering on a front edge or on a pulse duration. The 33 specialized keys for common functions and a color LCD touch screen makes this instrument very user friendly. Using the convenient stylus, a variety of “Windows-like” menus can be opened or pulled down and executed. Ideal for field use, the Model OX 7104-CK utilizes the new Probix system of “plug and play” accessories, individual isolation of each of the measurement channels, and has a range of remote management capabilities based on an Ethernet link with the WEB server, a number of built-in instruments, including a four-channel TRMS multimeter. The Probix smart probes have user definable control buttons system that will assure using this instrument will not only be rapid but also, error free, which is critical of devices used in troubleshooting. Using battery or line voltage operated, this instrument is perfect for both laboratory and field-testing anywhere anytime.


• Accuracy - +/-0.1% • Vertiaca Zoom – x5 max • Time Base Speed – 35 ranges • Horizontal Zoom – x10 max
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