P-333 Ship Shape(TM) Container Packs Extra Volume On Standard Footprint


Versatile Forklift Container Stacks And Nests For Efficient Transport

Ashtabula, OH: Material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, Ohio, has unveiled the P-333 bulk container. A member of the company's Ship Shape(TM) family of bulk forklift containers, the versatile P-333 safely accommodates high volume payloads approaching 50 cubic feet and 700 lbs. on a standard 44" x 44" footprint to maximize space efficiency, cube out trailers and seamlessly integrate into existing shipping and handling systems.

Ideal for the storage and over-the-road transport of molded or machined parts, scrap materials and recyclables, bulk chemicals and pharmaceuticals and other loose, granular and powdered products and materials, the rugged P-333 bulk container is rotationally molded in a single, seamless piece of polyethylene (HDPE) for long-term durability, rigidity and resistance to scratches and dents due to contact with trailers, lift equipment or contents. The weatherproof P-333 bulk container also thrives in indoor and outdoor applications and is virtually immune to degradation from chemical contact, sunlight, salts, solvents and other substances that attack wood, corrugated and metal containers.

The reusable P-333 container safely stacks two high when covered, nests for efficient storage and returns and is molded with convenient, palletless lift access from two sides. A wide range of standard and custom colors, industrial strength casters and a host of custom options is available.


• Model • P-291 • Capacity (cu ft.) • 32 • Outside Dimensions (inches) • 44 x 44 • Overall Height • 32.5
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