P4 Sealed OMNI Vision Sensors Purpose-Built for Harsh Environments


Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the PresencePLUS® P4 IP68-rated, sealed OMNI            vision sensor. Featuring a compact, yet durable nickel-plated aluminum housing, the P4 Sealed    OMNI vision sensor  withstands demanding washdown conditions—as well as dust and debris common in harsh-duty environments—with the  use of an integrated ring light or lens cover.  Boasting Banner's full suite of inspection tools, the P4 Sealed            OMNI vision sensor performs reliable, repeatable quality inspections            in challenging automotive, assembly, food handling, printing, pharmaceutical            and packaging applications, including:           
Label alignment inspection
Color verification and matching
Flaw detection
2D and 1D bar code reading
Optical Character Reading and Verification (OCR/OCV)
Packaging inspection
Assembly verification
Fill level detection
Adhesive bead inspection
Vial stopper inspection
Drilled hole inspection
Orientation inspection
Part or model identification
Error proofing
“Our IP68-rated vision sensors with their space-saving, rugged housing can be installed anywhere where shock and vibration might normally be a problem for general vision products,” said Dan Holste, director for Banner vision sensors. “They are also ideal for aseptic and industrial cleanroom environments, as well as anywhere dust, water and contaminants might be a problem.” Holste added, “Pair the sensor with Banner's comprehensive suite of inspection tools, and you have an easy-to-apply vision inspection solution of extraordinary sophistication for significantly less than comparable systems.”


• Power Voltage:10-30V dc (24V dc ± 10% if a light source is powered by the Sensor) • Current:650 mA maximum (exclusive of I/O load and lights) • Discrete I/O 1 Trigger IN • 1 Strobe OUT • 4 Programmable I/O • 1 Product Change • 1 Remote Teach • Input/Output Configuration NPN or PNP software selectable • Output Rating 150 mA ON-State Saturation Voltage:<1V at 150 mA max. NpN • OFF-State Leakage Current:<100 microamps NPN or PNP • Communication 1 RJ-45 Ethernet • RS-232 flying leads • Display Options PC or NTSC video; 9 m (30') max. cable length • Memory INS Storage Memory:32 MB • Number of INS Files:999 • Acquisition Frames Per Second:48 max. • Image Size (pixels):640 X 480 • Levels of Gray Scale:256 • Exposure Time 0.1 to 2830 ms • Imager 4.736 X 3.552 mm, 5.900 mm diagonal (1/3 inch CCD) • Pixel Size 7.4 X 7.4 microns • Lens Mount C-mount • Construction Die-cast nickle-plated aluminum sensor housing, glass or acrylic window. Weight:Approximately 0.43 kg (0.95 lb.) • Environmental Rating IEC IP68 • Operating Conditions Stable Ambient Temperature:0° to + 50° C (+32° to + 122° F) • Stable Ambient Lighting:No large, quick changes in light level; no direct or reflected sunlight • Certifications CE: IEC IP68
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