P620 Infrared Camera Boosts Efficiency


Check out the professional high-definition FLIR P620 infrared camera with 640 x 480 resolution. Discover new ways to boost predictive maintenance, enhance plant safety, and a range of manufacturing applications. In addition to worldwide service and support, FLIR offers Thermographer certification classes and is the global leader in infrared cameras. For more information and to order, go to www.goinfrared.com or call 800-464-6372.


• Fieldofview/minfocusdistance - 24°x18°/0.3m • Spatialresolution(IFOV) - 0.65mrad • Thermalsensitivity@50/60Hz - 65mKat30°C(86°F) • Spectralrange - 7.5to13µm • Temperatureranges - -40°Cto+500°C,in2ranges;upto+2000°C,optional(- 0to932°Fwithoptionto3,632°F) • Accuracy(%ofreading) - ±2°Cor±2%ofreading
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