P660 Infrared Camera


The P660 infrared camera includes a new 640 X 480 infrared detector that delivers four times greater detail than cameras with 320 x 240 IR resolution. The new detector also delivers optimum <45 mK thermal sensitivity to help you capture the finest image detail and temperature difference information. With the P660's high-resolution capability, accurate readings can be taken at greater distances. This is especially useful in examining utility infrastructure and electrical and mechanical components, where safe distances need to be maintained. Readings can be taken with an accuracy of ±1°or ± 1% of reading at +41°F. The P660 features a large target-distance to spotsize ratio for accurate measurements and anlayses. This enables professionals to conduct quick, easy, and safe IR inspections. The P660 includes a viewfinder and high resolution LCD for added flexibility in field operations. The tilt-able viewfinder is ideal for outdoor work, especially in bright sunlight and for viewing targets under all lighting conditions. The 5.6” wide screen LCD is a productive solution for indoor infrared inspections.Images are easily downloaded and managed using FLIR Reporter software. Images can be emailed, and viewed in Microsoft Windows programs without the need for any additional proprietary software. Reporter Pro software offers trending and image fusion for easy blending of infrared and digital photos.
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