PAGE-Ident™ - Hose Identification Solutions


May 24, 2006 – Fort Worth TX, PARKER / PAGE International Hose introduces a new product enhancement called the PAGE-Ident™ marking system. PAGE-Ident™ is an easy-to-read, permanent hose identification marking system featuring a permanently secured, clear silicone sleeve with encapsulated data inside of it. This improved means of tracking hose installations offers customers an alternative method of managing and separating functions or specific applications, RFID tags, color coding, tracking dates of service and simplifying maintenance. It can also reduce the risk of contamination and hose failures, thereby reducing costly waste and production stoppages. The Page-Ident™ marker can be applied over a variety of hose covers including Silicone, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Rubber, Kynar® and PEEK™. Idents are permanently molded to the hose cover, are free of metal and resistant to most cleaning methods, including sterilization, steam-in-place, chemical clean-in place and autoclave.
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