Pair Tracing Probes


Greenlee Communications has launched the 500XP Pair Tracing Probe with acAlert™ hazardous AC voltage detection. The 500XP is designed to help cable technicians trace wires when installing, servicing, and maintaining voice, data, and video (VDV) services. “We wanted to help our customers work faster and safer when tracing twisted pair cables,” said Mark Govier, Product Manager and Lead Engineer for Greenlee. “That’s why we added a proportional LED signal strength display, a variety of advanced digital filtering options, and acAlert™ hazardous voltage detection.” 

The acAlert™ feature – first for any Greenlee pair-tracing probe – emits audible and visible alerts if brought near wires and cables that contain harmful levels of AC voltage. Updated electronics also reduce unit power consumption and increase battery life. The 500XP also features 32-bit digital signal processing, advanced bandpass and mains-hum filters, and a visual signal-strength indicator. These features allow cable technicians to locate and trace cables faster by filtering out unwanted signal noise and focusing on the correct cable. Similar to the Greenlee Communications PE961 Telephone Test Set, the 500XP features Nautilus® environmental protection. The unit is IP67 rated for protection from dust ingress and against immersion in water up to 0.15m in depth – and is designed to float. The outer casing is also drop and crush resistant. The 500XP is compatible with a variety of tone systems. For best results, use with Greenlee tone generators such as the 77GX and PE7780, set to 577 Hz and 983 Hz. The 500XP comes with a three-year limited warranty.


  • hazardous AC voltage detection
  • emits audible and visible alerts
  • 32-bit digital signal processing
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