Paired Contacts-Flexible Interconnection


Servometer® presents the Interconnectric® Line of paired miniature gold plated bellows contact springs for flexible interconnection. Interconnectric® contacts are available with diameters ranging from 0.037" OD to 1.25" OD. The unique pairing of a convex conical tipped contact with a concave conical receptacle tip contact allows them to self align as they connect, even if they are misaligned.

These contact springs are manufactured from electrodeposited nickel and gold plated to MIL-G-45204 to enhance their conductivity, and provide extremely low DC resistance with a minimum of insertion loss. They are designed to provide lifetime spring and force repeatability.

These self-aligning contacts will minimize shock and vibration in dynamic applications; will help overcome tolerance buildup and misalignment problems in critical assemblies and will give the designer a less expensive alternative to high cost, tight toleranced assembly components.
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