Palletizer stacks products without cases for reduced corrugated consumption


Packagers looking to reduce their corrugated consumption now can automatically palletize small packages, and build end-aisle display pallets with the Model 72A palletizer from A-B-C. The palletizer has a custom infeed that orients, collates and feeds the product to the stainless steel staging table that ensures smooth product transfer. After the sweep-bar guides the layer to the pallet stack, each layer is tightened and squared by A-B-C’s exclusive four-side squaring device that ensures a secure, cohesive layer. In the past, these types of packages were palletized manually, because automatic solutions could not form the tight pallet loads that are required for pallet stability. While some robotic palletizers are utilized for palletizing small packages, the unique challenges of these products made it difficult to create tightly formed layers and pallets with robotic systems. A-B-C’s palletizing solution allows packagers to benefit from the speed and efficiency of automatic operation with a traditional palletizer while providing tight, secure pallet loads for optimal transfer throughout the distribution system. The combined infeed, staging, and the final squaring all contribute to successfully creating the tight pack for these products, allowing packagers to upgrade to automatic operation, increase their palletizing speed, add flexibility, and reduce their labor costs.
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