Pan & Tray Trucks


Nine models of Pan & Tray Trucks has been announced by The Durham Manufacturing Company, Durham CT.

In addition to their use as general, all purpose work transporters, the new trucks are said to be ideal for assembly areas, movement of batch work from department to department and situations where work pieces need to cool or dry. They may also be used in commercial bakeries and supermarkets for the storage and movement of packaged goods.

The new trucks feature all welded steel construction utilizing 1 ¼ inch by 1/8 inch angle iron and are designed to accommodate perforated and solid removable work bearing trays, available from Durham, which can be set on 2 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch spacing. All models measure 33 inches wide by 67 inches high, offer the choice of 24 inch, 30 inch or 36 inch depths and are rated at 1,200 lbs capacity. Mobility is provided by four 5 inch by ¼ inch bolt-on polyurethane swivel casters.
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