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Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today introduced two paperless recorders to its rapidly expanding portfolio of process instruments. The Minitrend QX and the Multitrend SX offer significant improvements in data acquisition to help process manufacturers gain a better understanding of their operating environments and enhance overall plant performance.

“These new instruments represent the latest, best-in-class electronic data recording and display technology on the market,” said Ted Dimm, Product Marketing Director of the Industrial Measurement and Control division of Honeywell Process Solutions. “The recorders provide reliable, easy to use operation and offer greater security with more data storage capacity than other models. The TrendManager Pro Software makes data analysis a simpler, faster process for everyone involved, allowing the import of data from the recorder, analysis and exporting of data to other spreadsheet programs.”

The Minitrend QX and Multitrend SX deliver data acquisition excellence with performance features that set it apart from other paperless recorders:

· Easy Configuration – Touch screen capability and logical navigation controls make the recorder operation, configuration, data entry and review fast and easy.

· Improved Analog Capabilities – Increased input capability, better input isolation, fast scan rates of up to 20milliseconds and additional ranges/actuations improve the customer’s ability to interface the process to the recorder.

2- Minitrend and Multitrend Release

· Firmware Options Flexibility - The technology allows the user to adjust the firmware options of the recorder to best match the application without having to order and stock different models. Such features as advanced mathematical calculations,

events, totalization, custom screens, Health-Watch/Maintenance and OPC Interface can be enabled through a unique credits system.

· Flexible, Secure Data Storage – The large internal data buffer, which is expandable to 2GBytes, along with the removable front compact flash memory card and front and rear USB ports, provides secure, flexible data storage options for the user. Data storage can be set up for 20milli-seconds up to four days for each individual pen.

· Networking - The Ethernet and RS485 communications capabilities allow the user to monitor their process in real time or to schedule data uploads via the FTP (file Transfer Protocol). An Internet Browser function can be used for viewing the recorder’s displays remotely on a PC or to remotely control recorder actions such as changing screens.

The recorder’s new mechanical design provides a more robust capability to meet the requirements found in the typical industrial environment. The recorders have a standard NEMA 3/IP55 front face protection rating with an optional NEMA 4X/IP66 rating that provides protection against water and dust intrusion. The recorder’s modular design uses plug-in option cards and provides rear access to major assemblies, making it quick and easy to add features to the recorder.


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