PAPERplus GE Reduces In-the-Box Packaging Costs


The PAPERplus GE is a Greater Efficiency paper converter, which incorporates a smaller paper roll and a refined version of the patented Storopack crimping technique to produce a resilient and versatile paper mattress using less paper.  When used for void-fill applications, this proven technology can save up to 35% of the cost of traditional high speed paper converting machines.  PAPERplus GE provides reliable protection for all weights and sizes of products, providing the versatility to be used for virtually any packing environment.  It is part of Storopack’s commitment to developing packing materials that support source reduction, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

PAPERplus GE affords users savings of 15-35% when compared to other 1 or 2-ply paper pads and void-fill.   Formed-on-demand technology allows the strong mattresses to be made when and where they are needed.  The proven PAPERplus GE system provides distributors a way to bring value to their customers and saves the shipper money in material, freight, damage claims (returns) and labor.

Paper mattresses produced by the PAPERplus GE protect fragile items with cushioning, prevent migration within the carton when used to block and brace objects, serves as a convenient and light-weight void-fill, and can be coiled or wrapped to stabilize and protect heavy objects. 

“The Greater Efficiency Model produces a superior paper mattress that fills a wide range of industry needs” says Marketing Manager Steve Sobel.  “Customers now have a single option for all of their shipping needs.  And since it uses less paper, PAPERplus GE satisfies source reduction and CSR goals too.”

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