Parts and Engineering Catalog


Smalley Steel Ring Company, world leader in themanufacturing and development of Spirolox® Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings and Wave Springsannounces the launch of a new Parts and Engineering Catalog. The new catalog combines previouslyexisting Spirolox Retaining Ring and Wave Spring series with newly released series including HoopsterRetaining Rings, Constant Section Rings, Metric Wave Springs and Small Series Wave Springs.Smalley is pleased to offer the new catalog to its customers. Bill McClelland, Smalley’s Director ofEngineering says, “The new catalog offers our customers a comprehensive look at all of Smalley’s 10,000standard parts. Newly updated content features 130 pages of part tables, engineering guides, designinformation and expanded part offerings. The catalog is an ideal resource for engineers needing detailedproduct information for quick prototypes.”

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