Parts Delivery Cart for Narrow Aisles


Cleveland-based Kinetic Technologies, Inc., designer/manufacturer of Forklift Free material handling equipment and accessories has developed a small parts delivery cart to complement manufacturing and warehouse inventory management programs. Two adjustable 34” x 54” shelf rails with removable deck halves and 2000 lb. rated load capacity provide complete flexibility for varying package heights and weights. Special MPP™ (modified pivot point) 6-wheel system (4-wheels down, 2-wheels up) deliver low manual push/pull forces at full load, the easiest manipulation of any cart in its class and the ability to track/turn long trains of carts in narrow aisles.
Additional features include self-stowing, spring loaded towbar, auto-release HD floor lock, removable handle and compact auto-hitch.

K-Tec designs other ergo-support products such as lifts and conveyors providing integrated Forklift Free system solutions.
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