Parts washing system for complex machined parts


Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. has developed a new line of parts cleaning systems, the “Aquamate SF”, designed for cleaning complex parts with stringent cleanliness specifications.
The Aquamate SF (Stationary Fixture) system is designed for cleaning complex parts with internal passageways, blind holes and hidden surfaces.  The machine accepts removable fixtures designed to accommodate specific parts.  Fixtures are designed with an on board spray manifold for cleaning. The Aquamate SF is capable of accepting an unlimited number of part fixtures engineered for cleaning one part, multiple parts or a family of common parts.  The interchangeable fixtures incorporate lifting lugs for easy change out.  The fixture is secured in a support carriage and water supply lines are direct coupled to an inlet port, which feeds the fixture spray manifold.  
Cleaning is accomplished through a combination of time, temperature and spray impingement.  The base machine is equipped with thermostatic controls and timers for controlling solution temperature and cycle time.  Spray impingement is introduced through the built-in spray manifold on the fixture.  Nozzles are strategically positioned directly over critical areas such as blind holes and entrance/exits of internal passages.  When required the system can incorporate optional actuating valves for reverse flow flushing for internal passages and pulsate flush for blind holes to dislodge chips and other contaminants.  PLC controls are utilized for controlling bi-directional flushing and pulsate spray.
For complex parts that are required to meet specific cleanliness parameters, filtration units are incorporated for filtering the cleaning solution.  Single or multiple filters can be integrated on the discharge of the pump feed line for removing unwanted particulate.  Filter media is available in disposable bags or absolute cartridges for filtering to a specific particle size
These systems are designed for single operator interface in manufacturing work cells and are available multiple capacities for varying part sizes.

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