Patented Servo Drive System Solves Control Issues and Saves Costs


MANCHESTER, NH -- YET US Inc's new XtraDrive® servo system features revolutionary advancements in servo control technology. The patented servo control technology solves problems with system flexibility, tuning and compatibility inherently associated with high precision motion systems while streamlining overall system costs.

Featuring patented NCT control technology, the XtraDrive achieves unparalleled performance and stability resulting in maximized productivity and cost-savings. The unique adaptive control structure eliminates difficult and time-consuming system re-tuning by automatically accommodating changing load requirements. The non-linear technology achieves zero settling time, optimizing non-linear gain control and overall system productivity.

The complete XtraDrive servo system is designed for flexibility to meet fast-changing system requirements. Simplified cost-saving design features include an integrated amplifier with embedded 1.5 axis controller. The system operates as a stand-alone unit or can be driven by an external PLC or multi-axis controller for step and directional input, analog velocity or torque control and networking capability. Configured for compatibility with all brushless servo motor technologies, the system allows for customer flexibility in choice of motor, feedback device and other cost-saving advantages.

The XtraDrive servo system is compact for easy integration into new or existing precision servo motion systems. Options includes extended I/O, Devicenet, SERCOS, MACRO and Profibus. Applications include a wide variety of motion systems requiring smooth, high speed precision performance. Some examples include automated equipment in the material handling, packaging, assembly, semiconductor, medical, optical imaging, telecommunications, military and defense, aviation and aerospace markets.

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