Patti Quantum Series Adhesion Testers


The PATTI (PNEUMATIC ADHESION TENSILE TESTING INSTRUMENTS) QUANTUM Series is a new line of portable adhesion testers. Models include Digital & Analog units. The digital version is designed for users who want a digital indication of the burst pressure but who do not need the output signal. They are both considered the most accurate portable coating adhesion testers available. The patti Quantum Gold will soon be available. This unit will provide a useable out-put signal that can be transmitted to user-owned components via blue-tooth technology


  • The same quality you have come to expect from the PATTI 
  • Powder-Coated box is much more robust than previous PATTI’s – will maintain its aesthetic value 
  • New regulator eliminates the internal pop valve, allowing for use of entire air cartridge 
  • New air cartridge capacity is twice that of other PATTI models 
  • Simplified design requires fewer internal parts and reduces the frequency of maintenance / repair 
  • With the exception of the new, higher capacity CO2 Cartridge, can use the same pistons, pull-stubs and supplies as previous PATTI’s 
  • The reduced number of internal parts makes the PATTI QUANTUM lighter than other PATTI’s and more portable than ever 
  • The PATTI Quantum can be used to measure the adhesion strength of numerous coatings including: paints, polymers, ceramics, inks, thermal and arc-sprayed metals. 
  • The test surface can be smooth, rough, porous, flat or curved. 
  • The PATTI Quantum can also be used to test the strength of adhesives under non-room environmental conditions from 32-212 degrees Fahrenheit (0-100 degrees Celsius). 

APPLICATIONS EASY TO USE: The PATTI Quantum uses compressed inert gas to apply a continuous tensile load to an aluminum pull-stub which is bonded to the test surface with an adhesive. After the adhesive has cured, the operator attaches the selected piston. Then the operator pushes and holds the “RUN” button. A continuous load is then applied perpendicular to the pull-stub until failure occurs, or until a specified load is reached.
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