PC Based Surface Measuring System


With the introduction of the MarSurf® XR 1 surface measuring system, Mahr has bridged the gap between portable surface measuring devices and larger, full-featured, PC-based surface measurement and evaluation systems. The MarSurf XR 1 combines the skidded and skidless drive units of Mahr's portable M-Series instruments, with its industry leading MarWin evaluation software. The new XR 1 provides an affordable entry into the world of modern, PC-based measurement and evaluation systems, including compliance with all International Standards, diverse evaluation methods, extensive documentation, large storage capacity, data export and import, as well as networking and other benefits. 

"The gap between portable units and higher end surface evaluation systems used to be quite large," said Pat Nugent, Vice President of Metrology for Mahr Federal, a member of the Mahr  Group. "The XR 1 sits squarely in that gap, offering users the benefits of both portability and fuller-featured evaluation in skidded and skidless measurements." The MarSurf XR 1 is suitable for use either in the measurement lab or on the shop floor, and provides over 80 parameters for R, P, W profiles according to current DIN, ISO, JIS, ASME and MOTIF Standards. The system can utilize both the MarSurf RD 18 drive unit with skidded probe and the MarSurf SD 26 drive unit with skidless probe, and virtually any number of drive units can be connected to the evaluation unit via Bluetooth or cable. Measuring units can be used alone in different orientations, in combination with various accessories, or mounted on measuring stands. Measurements can be initiated either by touch screen on a PC or manually on the drive units. 

 The MarSurf XR 1 comes standard with a basic version of Mahr's leading MarWin surface evaluation software, which includes Measuring Station View; automatic user login; R, Rk, P, W, Motif, and D-profile and parameters; Export ASCII; Profile Assistant for USB; and Measuring Assistant Level 1 for simple setup of measurement conditions. However, all the additional features of the XR 20 evaluation software are also available as option packages. These include: an Advanced Evaluation package with interactive zoom; virtual rulers and PDF file export; a Multi-Measure option package which expands the Measuring Assistant to Levels 2 and 3, as well as providing additional statistics and administration functions; an Advanced Reporting option with PageDesigner to create template forms and provide tolerance monitoring and display; a Script Program Integration option; Digital I/O, QS-STAT, and Profile Processing Options; and many more. With the RD 18 skidded probe on the XR 1, cut-off lengths between 0.08 mm (.003") and 2.5 mm (.100") can be selected by the user or automatically determined based on the actual surface profile being measured. The ergonomically designed drive unit can take measurements in any position, and the prismatic shaped bottom can even act as a Vee block for positioning small parts. Threaded sockets in the undercarriage allow the attachment of accessories, and rechargeable batteries provide capacity for approximately 1,000 measurements before recharging. Benefits of the MarSurf SD 26 Skidless drive unit on the XR 1 include a proprietary motorized probe height adjustment feature that quickly and automatically zeros the probe in seconds and can cut measurement time in half, and a magnetic, breakaway probe mounting system which protects sensitive probes from accidental damage and facilitates fast probe changes. The MarSurf XR 1 is available with a wide range of probes, options, and accessories to allow the most flexible configuration for your applications.


  • MarWin evaluation software
  • automatically zeros the probe in seconds

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