Peelable Masking Material


Dymax Corporation’s Ultra Light-Weld® 9-20479-B is a blue, peelable masking material that cures in seconds when exposed to UV/Visible light.  This material is designed for rapid masking of electronic components and assemblies, provides protection from reflow or wave soldering operations, and shields keep-out areas during conformal coating applications. 

Ultra Light-Weld® 9-20479-B is extremely thixotropic and is ideal for manual or automated dispensing on boards or components that may be difficult to mask with other methods.  It’s solvent and silicone free, and does not contain VOCs.  Cured masks withstand wave solder and reflow temperatures and are easily removed, eliminating the concern of ionic contamination or silicone left behind by other masking methods.


  • cures in seconds
  • designed for rapid masking 
  • extremely thixotropic

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