PELASPAN-PAC(r) Natural - Environmentally Friendly Loose-Fill Packaging


Cincinnati, OH – New PELASPAN-PAC(r) Natural combines the environmentally friendly aspects of a starch product, with the proven cushioning of Storopack’s proprietary “S” shape. This natural corn and potato starch product is 100% biodegradable, fully compostable without residues, and disintegrates in water without polluting groundwater. Its unique shape interlocks within the container to provide stronger cushioning, reduced migration and increased stability. Derived from annually renewable resources, PELASPAN-PAC® Natural is not affected by the ever increasing price of petroleum based resins. This light, clean, free-flowing and non-static material requires no operator training before use, making it ideal for protecting a wide range of products.

PELASPAN-PAC® Natural is available from conveniently located Storpack facilities nationwide. In addition to cushioning materials, Storopack can provide complete systems – from simple dispensing hoppers to custom designed fully automatic pneumatic delivery systems. On-staff engineers and technicians survey existing packaging systems, design around current shipping room constraints, and provide assistance at each step of the process.

Storopack participates in a nationwide loose-fill recycling program. All Storopack facilities collect post-consumer EPS packaging for reuse and recycling.

Storopack, Inc., is the world’s largest manufacturer, converter and recycler of expanded polystyrene (EPS) whose primary activities include the conversion of EPS, natural starch and paper cushioning products. In addition to providing the industry’s broadest line of protective packaging, Storopack also designs and supplies loose-fill storage and delivery systems.
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