PEM® ReelFast® Surface Mount R’ANGLE® Fasteners



New PEM® ReelFast® surface mount R’ANGLE® fasteners offer an efficient and reliable method to create permanent right-angle attachment points on printed circuit boards. These threaded fasteners mount to the edge or interior of PC boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the solder reflow process.

The fasteners can replace conventional angle brackets or threaded right-angle blocks, which must be attached with loose screws. This reduces the amount of required hardware to be handled and promotes lighter designs.

Upon permanent installation in PC boards as thin as .040”/1mm, PEM surface-mount R’ANGLE fasteners provide strong, reusable threads in sizes #2-56 through #8-32 and M2 through M4 for mating screws. The fasteners can mount board to chassis, chassis to board, or component to board and their unique design can allow users to realize additional multi-function benefits in an assembly.

These RoHS-compliant fasteners include a flat top for vacuum pickup and an undercut to accept solder readily and permit flush-to-edge installation of the fastener. Tape-and-reel packaging conforms with industry standards and preferences for traditional surface mount components.
CAD drawings (in most formats) for these new fasteners are available free for downloading.
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