ersonal Lockout Kits from Brady (NYSE: BRC) are a convenient solution for employees who must lockout a variety of hazardous energy isolation points on a regular basis. The kits feature keyed-alike padlocks, which means that employees have fewer keys to carry and keep track of, simplifying the lockout process. The kits also feature Brady's most popular and versatile lockout products, which enable users to cover more applications and secure more types of isolation points with fewer devices. This results in lower equipment costs, simplified training, and more compact storage. A variety of kits are available for different needs, including: a circuit breaker lockout kit, an electrical lockout kit (with lockouts for breakers, plugs, and disconnect switches), a valve lockout kit (featuring gate and ball valve lockouts), and a combination lockout kit for locking out both electrical and mechanical isolation points. Each kit includes a rugged, stylish lockout toolbox with two pockets on top and a tray for organizing contents, plus a label for employee identification. The kits come with either laminated steel padlocks or Brady's popular Safety Padlocks, which are designed specifically for lockout applications. More compact and lightweight than metal padlocks, the Brady safety padlocks offer superior shock protection and corrosion resistance when compared to the competition. The new Personal Lockout Kits can be found in Brady's new Lockout/Tagout Solutions catalog. In addition to featuring Brady's market-leading line of lockout/tagout products, this free catalog includes useful information on OSHA lockout/tagout regulations and hazardous energy control program best practices.
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