Personnel Strip Door


As companies continue searching for ways to reduce energy costs and improve workplace environments, TMI, LLC today introduced its latest energy control solution, the Personnel Strip Door (PSD). The PSD was created to meet the growing demand for an effective, low-cost strip door that helps control temperatures within a workspace, keeping employees and patrons comfortable. The newest addition to TMI’s complete line of energy control, environmental management and workplace safety solutions, the PSD will be available for purchase beginning September 20, 2011.

The PSD is an economy-grade strip door using eight-inch wide PVC strips that attach effortlessly to TMI’s exclusive hardware system, which installs in minutes to provide instant environmental separation and cost savings. With a low price point and a high level of efficiency, the PSD can pay for itself in a matter of months by helping to reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool rooms. The PSD is designed for personnel doors up to 40 inches wide and is ideal for use in restaurants, warehouse offices, company kitchens and other common areas with consistent personnel traffic.  The PSD is easy to clean and virtually eliminates the penetration of dirt and grease due to its low profile hardware design. 

“We are pleased to add the Personnel Strip Door to our lineup as it fills a unique niche and provides a very effective and affordable solution for those looking to reduce energy costs and create a more comfortable environment for their customers and employees,” said Frank Mummolo, president and CEO of TMI, LLC. “From personnel doors to industrial size openings, we offer energy control doors for every application, and budget.”


  • reduce energy costs
  • helps control temperatures within a workspace
  • eight-inch wide PVC strips
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