WEG Electric Motors Corp. (, a leading global supplier of motors, drives, controls, transformers, and generators, now offers two new PetroDuty™ motor designs—its 4th edition API-541 and 1st edition API-547.

These new WEG motor designs have been specifically developed to satisfy or exceed the strict requirements set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

“Our customers in the petroleum and petrochemical industry require motors that provide increased durability and value,” said Steve Waite, product manager. “These tough new API-designated motor designs have been engineered with rugged features and quality components that allow them to perform reliably in harsh environmental conditions.”

API-541 – 4th Edition
The newest PetroDuty-541 WEG motor design is rated 500 horsepower (HP) and above, as set forth by the API, for use in critical applications in the petroleum industry. With a voltage capacity of 2300 – 13,200 volts (V), it also offers dual voltage at 2300V and 4000V. Among its standard features are provisions for the Bently Nevada Series 3300 proximity sleeve bearing probes, as well as a copper bar rotor with C5-quality core laminations. The API-541 motor design is available with two starting methods (direct on line or variable frequency) and a variety of enclosures (DPG, TEFC, WPI and II, TEAAC, and TEWAC).

API-547 – 1st Edition
The new PetroDuty-547 WEG motor design is suitable for use in general purpose petroleum or chemical applications, as well as in other industrial severe-duty environments. Rated for 250 through 3000 HP, it has a voltage capacity of 2300 – 13,200V. It features a die-cast aluminum rotor (1000 HP or less) and a copper bar rotor for motor ratings 1000 HP and above. Two poles-
are available for 800 HP and below (in totally enclosed enclosures) or 1250 HP and below (in WPII enclosures). Four, six, and eight poles are available for all enclosures.  In addition, WEG API-547 motors are available with TEFC enclosures and WPII enclosures (with air filters).

Both API-541 and API-547 motor designs operate on 50 and 60 hertz (Hz) frequencies and offer standard features that ensure dependable, low-maintenance operation. These features include sealed VPI insulation systems, IEC and NEMA designs with cast-iron or fabricated-steel frame material, IP-55 protection ratings, anti-friction sleeve bearings, taconite labyrinth seals, Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs), and stainless-steel hardware.