Superior Tool Company introduces the PEX Pocket Crimper to its line of professional plumbing tools. The Pocket Crimper is a simple and far less expensive alternate to the heavy, bulky tools typically used to crimp PEX black copper rings.

Only six inches long and weighing less than two pounds, the ingenious new product crimps all three common sizes of PEX black copper ring  --  3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”  --  simply and with no adjustments. All crimps can be made using standard 10” locking pliers, and testing crimps is easy using a small gauge that comes with the tool. The pocket crimper is very simple to use, and is especially advantageous in tight locations because of its small size. The user simply slides the ring over the tubing 1/8” to ¼” from the end, inserts the fitting, positions the crimper over the ring, and squeezes the tool closed with locking pliers in 4-5 small stages. Then, the Go/No-Go gauge can be slipped over the ring to test for proper crimping.


“This ingenious little item is a perfect addition to our line of professional plumbing tools,” says Jeff White, CEO of Superior Tool. “It represents a real breakthrough in the use of PEX plumbing tubing, which has obvious advantages in certain applications and is increasing in terms of popularity every day.”

“This product has great benefits for all different kinds of users,”continues White. “For D-I-Yers who simply want to make a few crimps and don’t want to spend $130 on a crimp tool, it’s perfect. For a professional, it’s so much more handy and portable for quick crimp connecting than the big crimpers…and for MRO workers, it fits easily into a tool box and is ready to go for quick repair and maintenance jobs.”

The pocket crimper works as well as the more expensive long-handled crimpers. It is designed and tested to meet the same ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) specification

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