PG Pressure Transmitter with Gauge Display and Numeric Indication


ifm efector inc., a leading manufacturer of sensors and controls, introduces a new line of pressure transmitters that combine the best features of a gauge, a switch and a sensor. The PG Series pressure transmitter is mounted in-line to provide a highly-visible indication of sanitary process conditions found in the food processing, dairy, beverage, and waste water industries.

Ceramic cell sensing technology provides long-term reliability, excellent overload protection and high precision indication (0.2%) of pressure values. The transmitter‘s flush mount, stainless steel design offers stability in harsh sanitary washdown conditions.

The PG’s gauge display indicates the current operating pressure relative to the overall range of the unit. A quick reference gauge pointer provides a visual of system pressure. The pointer is driven by an integrated stepper motor that eliminates the typical shaking that occurs with mechanical pointers and does not require damping liquid.  A highly-visible LED ring can be programmed to indicate the position of the setpoint and resetpoint or to follow the position of the pointer (trend display).
A 4-digit LED numeric display indicates the current pressure value which can be programmed to display in different units (bar or psi). Two optical touch-screen pushbuttons offer menu-guided parameter setup such as setpoint and resetpoint, and normally open and normally closed functions. The touch-screen surface eliminates pushbutton cavities which prevents liquid ingress. The entire display rotates 350° for optimal visibility, and ergonomic indentations on the face aid in turning the display.

Eight models are available with various meansuring ranges from 1.45 psi (100 mbar) up to 361 psi (25 bar). For sanitary mounting, ifm’s Aseptoflex adapters feature PEEK and Viton sealing which offers long-term sealing and are resistant to swelling and aggessive media.The Micro DC transmitter is powered using an industry standard M12 connector.
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