Phasor Flaw Detectors


The Phasor family of flaw detectors incorporates conventional and phased array ultrasound technology in three upgradeable models: Phasor CV, Phasor 16/16 Weld and Phasor XS. The tiered platform offers inspectors the opportunity to select the model that best suits their specific application in oil & gas, power generation, aerospace or transportation.

The Phasor XS, the first product in the Phasor family, is a portable ultrasonic phased array flaw detector that provides the highest resolution and probability of inspection. It also offers timed or encoded TOPView software for corrosion mapping. The Phasor 16/16 Weld is the mid-level solution, which offers phased array and conventional capability within a portable ultrasonic flaw detector. It produces full color image scans that can be stored as a jpg for remote analysis and archiving. The Phasor 16/16 Weld is supplied with a weld probe and package, making it ideal for detecting cracking, lack of fusion, inclusions or porosity in welds, both during fabrication and in service. Lastly, the Phasor CV rounds out the portfolio and is a conventional single channel ultrasonic flaw detector. Users are able to start with the top-of-the line the Phasor XS and have access to all capabilities or begin with the Phasor CV and expand the solution as inspection needs change.

Each solution within the Phasor platform is compliant with all major inspection codes and is suitable for a wide range of tasks from simple echo amplitude comparison to complex DGS evaluation. The Phasor is used for applications ranging from corrosion monitoring to defect detection and sizing. The easy-to-use interfaces, durability and accuracy of equipment make it easy for inspectors to operate and increase productivity. The Phasor platform is a cost effective way for organizations to achieve the benefits of phased array ultrasonic inspection and provides the ability to choose what solution best fits current inspection needs.


• Weight - 3.8 kg (8.2 lbs) with battery • Maximum Input Voltage - 40 V peak-to-peak • Gate Start - 0 mm - full range • Gate Width - 1 mm - full range • Temperature Shock 3 Cycles - 4 hrs at –20°C up to +70°C, 4 hrs • at +70°C, transitions within 5 mins. 503.4 Procedure II • Cold Storage - -20°C for 72 hrs, 502.4 • Procedure I
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