Phillips Pan Machine Screws


Micro Plastics’ introduces a new line of  Phillips Pan Machine Screws.  Thread sizes included in this new line of screws are; 4-40, 6-32, 8-32 10-32, ¼-20 and  ¼-28.   Available in 25 standard lengths ranging from 3/32” up to 3”. The Phillips Pan Machine Screws are molded in tough, resilient and corrosion resistant Nylon 6/6 material. 

Micro Plastics’ also offers an extensive line of machine screws include headstyles as Binder, Binder Combination, Fillister, Hex, Pan, Round, Socket, Flat, Oval and Thumb Screws, as well as Studs, Grubs and Flat Head Wing Screws.  Micro Plastics’ manufactures millions upon millions of fasteners daily.  They offer over 20,000 items and maintain an inventory of over 250 million parts. See their full line catalog #39 for a complete list of nylon fasteners that are available.  FREE samples are available upon request. 


  • 25 standard lengths
  • corrosion resistant Nylon 6/6 material
  • FREE samples are available upon request.

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