A new optical CMM sensor from Wenzel GmbH called, “The Phoenix”, is now providing better accuracy and higher productivity results for inspecting sheet metal components. Because measurements are performed in one shot, higher measuring speeds are possible when compared with other traditional scanning and probing methods. All types of round and square holes, slots, and spherical features on car bodies and computer chassis are currently being inspected with the Phoenix sensor, as well as flush-and-gap tolerances on car and truck body parts, Fig. 1.
The Phoenix optical sensor is a hybrid system, combining the high-resolution image processing benefits of a CCD camera in the X-Y plane with multiple laser triangulations for measuring the Z plane. The laser triangulation is produced in two orthogonal directions, eliminating the need for an additional (usually expensive) rotational 6th axis.  The sensor has been designed to be compatible with Renishaw PHS and PH10 probing heads with a common Renishaw auto-joint interface, and can be accommodated on a CMM in a probe changing rack.
In operation, a ring of LED lights homogeneously illuminates the feature to be measured, insuring no interference from ambient light. In addition, an extremely narrow-band holographic filter prevents any parasitic light from affecting both the laser and CCD camera systems increasing the reliability of the measuring results. Laser diodes produce the crossed bundles of laser line projections that define the features, which are ultimately seen by the CCD camera. The acquired data for the features is processed and reported to the CMM controller software by the Metrosoft™ CM measuring software.
 Overall size of the Phoenix optical sensor is 120 mm x 120mm x 90mm. Working distance from the feature to be measured is up to 100mm. The filed-of-view of the sensor is 30mm x 40mm x 10 mm.
The Phoenix optical sensor has been installed at BMW, Mercedes and General Motors in Europe to assist in maintaining their high quality of sheet metal automotive assemblies.

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