Photoelectric Sensors - Balluff Inc


Featuring a new glass lens design in a hearty IP67 housing, Balluff introduces the new BOS 50K series family of photoelectric sensors.  With an impressive 2m sensing range, this background suppression sensor and its highly-visible red light emitter is simple to set up and adjust, and it can detect objects regardless of color.  

It is a superior choice for installations where laser sensors may cause safety concerns or perform poorly due to contaminants in the air. Other members of this 50K sensor series include: a diffuse mode with a range of 2 meters, a polarized retroreflective with 18 meters range, and a thru-beam version with a range of 60 meters. 

 All of these sensors offer simple alignment and setup with a bright visible red light beam and fast adjustment with a potentiometer. With their long range and precise detection, the Balluff BOS 50K family of sensors is suitable for use in a variety of industries, including: automotive, assembly, automation, material handling and woodworking. 


  • glass lens design
  • 2m sensing range
  • simple alignment and setup

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