Photoelectric Sensors Model: E58 Series


The E58 series has the industry's only background rejection sensor with a 2-wire circuit design. The sensor is extremely resistant to chemical attack, moisture intrusion and can withstand heavy shock and vibration in almost any application. Stainless steel, PVDF, and tempered glass components are mechanically assembled using FKM seals to ensure complete sealing and resistance to industry chemicals. The models are available with both AC and DC operation in a single unit, the sensors are available in 18 and 30 mm (0.71 and 1.30") diameters, and all models have a visible red beam. On all models, the visible sensing beam allows the user to see where the beam is aimed allowing for quick setup and alignment. The harsh duty sensors feature unparalleled optical performance and are perfect for automotive applications where exposure to lubricants, cutting fluids, coolants and glycols are common. This product is CE Compliant.Price starts at $201.
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