New Pig Corporation has introduced the PIG BLUE Absorbent Mat – the most absorbent universal mat on the market. Featuring a unique blend of recycled cellulose and polypropylene, the Mat is designed to absorb and disperse liquid evenly with exceptional absorbency, retention and floor gripping power. “PIG BLUE Absorbent Mat is now the most absorbent universal mat on the market,” exclaims Absorbent Business Platform Leader, Scott Diminick.  “And with 70% recycled fiber content, the Mat provides an environmentally responsible and cost effective way to deal with liquid containment problems in the industrial workplace.”

     PIG BLUE Absorbent Mat’s innovative FiberFusion£ technology adds strength and absorbency to its unique combination of cellulose and polypropylene. Ideal for situations or workplaces where green products are desired or required, the Mat contains 70% recycled and renewable fibers. Available in pads and rolls, PIG BLUE absorbs up to 34 gallons of oils, coolants, solvents and water per 100 heavy weight pads. 

     In addition, the consistent construction of PIG BLUE eliminates light spots or leak zones, allowing liquids to be absorbed more evenly for better wicking and retention. Also, the Mat holds together even when fully saturated and provides extra durability and grip to help prevent slips and falls.


• Color: • Light Blue • Dimensions: • 150' L x 30" W • Mat Weight: • Heavy-Weight • Recycled Content: • 70% Pre-Consumer Recycled Cellulose • Absorbency: • Up to 64 gal. per roll
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