Pilot Fermenter Manufactures APIs


Bosch introduced a pilot fermenter for the cultivation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) on laboratory and pilot scale. The pilot fermenter is able to process batches ranging from eight to 50 liters. Reactor sizes for 100 and 200 liters are available for pilot and small industrial batches. The modular design of the fermenter allows for the various cultivation processes and cell cultures.


The system can be equipped with interchangeable mixing elements  that  are designed for different cell types and process controls. The mixer regulates the inflow of liquids or gases needed for cell cultivation. Sensitive cells require the use of gentler technologies like the air lift module, while more robust cells can be stirred mechanically.


There is a separate module that offers high-precision dosing for liquid media with four syringe pumps instead of the usual peristaltic pumps and two additional pumps in the periphery. The system periphery allows for expansion so additional peristaltic pumps  can be used for extra process fluids to be dosed.


The fermenter offers continuous manufacturing by supplying fresh media continuously, while equal amounts of waste media are extracted from the process by two hollow fiber modules.


The fermenter is designed for easy cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP). Its integrated periphery includes a steam generator, exhaust air cooler, and a heating/cooling device for the bioreactor. Depending on the task-specific requirements, up to four interchangeable process sensors are available. This concept enables quick installation at available spaces with limited media availability and quick changeover.


  • System can process batch sizes ranging from eight to 50 liters
  • High-precision dosing of liquid process media with syringe pumps
  • Fermenter offers both batch and continuous manufacturing
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