By removing particulate matter from the pipeline system flow, the Eaton Model 50 Duplex Basket Strainer protects expensive equipment including valves, instrumentation and meters in large size, high flow rate piping systems. Due to its duplex design it operates continuously, and system flow never has to be shut down to clean the strainer basket. The strainer has been designed with two strainer basket chambers linked by a pair of synchronized butterfly valves. This allows system flow to be diverted from one chamber to the other for strainer basket cleaning without shutting the flow off. The resulting straight through flow path helps keep start-up pressure drops low, even in very high flow rate applications. The Eaton Model 50 Duplex Basket Strainer features a unique basket design concept, which incorporates a larger screening area. This is accomplished by through convoluting (pleating) the perforated sheet in the strainer basket to increase the available screening area while reducing the total basket size. The flow enters the basket from the side, not the top, resulting in a straight through flow pattern that reduces the initial pressure drop and provides greater time between basket cleaning than would be possible with standard design strainer baskets. Quick opening covers make strainer basket changing or cleaning quick and easy - no tools or lifting gear are required to open them. This is a feature not often found on larger size pipeline strainers. Eaton's Model 50 Pipeline Strainers for high flow rate applications are available in sizes for 10" through 18" pipelines with flanged connections and iron or bronze construction.
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