Planetary Gear Train Pancake Motor


Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. (Haydon) is proud to announce that their new and improved low cost Planetary Gear Train Pancake Motor delivers exceptional performance in a very thin package. Just 18.5 mm thick and 80 mm in diameter the motor is built using a gear train that is built inside the rotor. The thin profile is a result of this unique design. The Planetary Gear Train Pancake Motor is available with a 3.75° step angle, 4 to 1 gear ratio, and provides up to 120 oz inches of torque (85 Ncm). The motor is ideal for applications with limited space, requiring accurate positioning and high torque. Haydon is recognized worldwide as a leader for stepper motor based linear actuators, rotary motors, lead screw assemblies, and sealed switches. The Company, headquartered in Waterbury, CT, develops, designs and manufacturers internationally patented products for the global marketplace. Haydon custom designs and manufacturers electric motors for medical equipment, instrumentation, industrial equipment, machinery automation, HVAC, telecommunications, semiconductor, office equipment, and many other custom applications. The unique designs provide precise, reliable motors with unmatched performance-to-size ratios. Motors are simple and versatile, making them well suited for customization and manufacturing.


• Weight - 12 oz (343g) • Temperature Rise - 90°F Rise (50°C Rise) • 0.75 inch height • 3.15 inches square • 100 oz- inch of torque •
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