Plant Resource Manager Device Maintenance and Management Software


Yokogawa announces that it has released a new upgrade of its Plant Resource Manager (PRM™) R3. PRM R3 is a key component of Yokogawa’s Asset Excellence suite that integrates and manages maintenance information from field instruments, monitors online conditions, and records historical data from these field devices. PRM R3's enhanced diagnostic function transforms maintenance activities from corrective maintenance to predicative and proactive maintenance. PRM enables users to remotely access devices that feature field communication capability -- such as FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus- and HART-enabled devices -- as well as perform centralized management of the parameters of those devices. These functions provide efficient management and maintenance of field devices and computerization of maintenance data that streamlines maintenance operations and achieves cost savings. Information such as the names of flow meters, valves, and other field instruments, parameter settings, inspection records, and instruction manuals are stored in a database, which the operator can easily access as necessary. PRM R3 is the first asset management package released in the world that incorporates and takes advantage of both FDT/DTM (Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager) and EDDL (Enhanced Device Descriptor Language) technologies. Major features of PRM R3 are as follows: (1) Microsoft’s SQL server is used as the embedded database This release of PRM includes major enhancement and change to the database system. In previous R2 systems, an Oracle database was used. From R3, database software (SQL server) is bundled as a PRM component. The SQL database is installed as a part of PRM package automatically. Upgrading to PRM R3 becomes easy as automatic conversion of the database is part of the installation. (2) DTM Works DTM Works is supported as a frame for device setting and tuning. DTM works can execute device DTM for tuning and diagnosis provided from a device vendor. This allows the device vendor to specify the look and feel of his device on PRM. (3)@@ PST(partial stroke test) Support This provides the means to perform critical functions such as partial stroke testing to HART devices.) (4) Data Interchange with FieldMate History of operations, such as parameter changes, made in FieldMate can be imported to PRM. (FieldMate is a newly released Yokogawa product designed for “Quick and Easy” device configuration) (5) Advanced diagnosis (option) Device Diagnostic Data Historian Function Some parameters needed for diagnosis are acquired automatically from field devices. Thus, it becomes possible to enhance development of diagnostic algorithms by using accumulated data. General-purpose diagnostic tool A general-purpose diagnostic tool (window) to display data and threshold values (upper/lower limit) collected PRM’s Advanced Diagnostics Application is provided in a trend graph. By use of this tool (window), a trend of diagnosis related data can be checked along with threshold values. It has always been Yokogawa’s policy is to maintain backward compatibility of all of its products with previous versions. So even through the database has changed from Oracle to SQL server in R3, the installation program automatically converts database at the time of upgrade. PRM has become more highly scalable allowing as few as 25 devices for a very attractive entry level price to as many as 20,000 devices that Yokogawa has seen in its very large Fieldbus installations. As part of its expandability policy, another specification change allows expansions to the system in groups of 1000 device units incrementally. This allows users to enter with a minimal system and then expand and grow their device capability on their own schedule. These enhancements are added to the already standard features of maintenance alarm/process alert functions, custom user views, device security, device viewer with built-in trending and an improved graphical user interface supporting both EDDL and FDT/DTM implementations. PRM is one of Yokogawa’s key deliverables of its VigilantPlant™ concept promising asset excellence to visionary plants and creating an environment where plant personnel can See Clearly, Know in Advance, and Act with Agility. *HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation Fieldbus is a registered trademark of the Fieldbus Foundation SQL is a registerd trademark of Microsoft Oracle is a register trademark of Oracle About Yokogawa Corporation of America Yokogawa Corporation of America is the North American unit of $4 billion Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of instrumentation, process control, and automation solutions. Headquartered in Newnan, Georgia, Yokogawa Corporation of America serves a diverse customer base with market-leading products including analyzers, flowmeters, transmitters, controllers, recorders, data acquisition products, meters, instruments, distributed control systems, and more.
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