Plastic Collapsible Bulk Container


ORBIS Corporation  recently released the new heavy-duty 1000mm x 1200mm BulkPak, a plastic collapsible bulk container that reduces return transportation costs and increases warehouse space savings. The new BulkPak offers the highest unit load capacity for industrial applications so customers use less shipping materials to ship more of their goods. Developed using the standard European footprint, it is the first heavy-duty solution in the industry.

The heavy-duty BulkPak 1000 x 1200 series is designed to support rugged applications, and holds up to 900 kg. The reusable containers are made of high-density polyethylene to assure long-life performance under harsh conditions, and provide excellent product protection. This new offering in the BulkPak line is available in four heights, and is ideal for transporting automotive components, bearings, hardware, industrial equipment and metal, plastics and rubber parts, resin/powder, and tools.
During storage and shipping, the bins stack securely with each other, and offer large easy-to-open optional doors for interior access. Door configurations include 0, 1 or 2 doors on the 1200mm side. The plastic containers are fully recyclable at the end of their service life, and provide an environmental alternative to single-use boxes, metal racks or gaylords. The all-plastic container cannot harbor pests, mold or fungus. There are multiple identification options available, including cardholders, identification plates, and label placards.


  • holds up to 900 kg
  • available in four heights
  • bins stack securely with each other
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