Eaton's Duplex POLYLINE(TM) Bag Filters have no metal components to rust or corrode and their unique, one-piece polypropylene molded filter housing bodies have no seams, welds or crevices to trap particles.  This makes them very easy to clean, an important feature in batch or multiple product applications.

POLYLINE Duplex Bag Filters never need to have the flow shut down for filter bag change outs.  A quick quarter-turn of the operating lever diverts the flow from one filter housing to the other through a unique CPVC plastic valve assembly that allows the process to continuously run during bag change outs.

The POLYLINE Bag Filter can be automated for remote operation.  The operating lever on the CPVC valve assembly is replaced with either pneumatic or electric actuators which can be controlled remotely, or by a computer system.  The filter's special design makes this conversion from manual to automatic operation easy and cost effective should an application require it.

The filter housing covers are hand removable without the need for tools of any kind.  The covers also feature an all-plastic, built-in vent valve with an integral gauge tap.  The inlet and outlet connections can be easily adapted to both in-line and loop piping arrangements for application flexibility.  The integral plastic mounting skid, standard with all POLYLINE Duplex Bag Filters, simplifies installation.

POLYLINE Duplex Bag Filters from Eaton are available in sizes for standard number 1, single length or number 2, double length filter bags in polypropylene construction with CPVC valve assemblies.


• Material of Construction - Glass reinforced polypropylene, single and double length; PVDF, double length • Piping Connections - 2" NPT threaded, PPL, 150# ANSI flange optional; 2”, PVDF, 150# ANSI flange Drain Connections - 2" NPT threaded, PPL, 150# ANSI flange optional; 2”, PVDF, 150# ANSI flange • Bag Size - #01 and #02 • Pressure Rating - PPL, 150 psi; PVDF, 100 psi • Seals - Viton™, EPDM optional • Flow Rate* - Single length, 50 gpm with clean bag; double length, 100 gpm with clean bag
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