Plug & Seal Connections


To help manufacturers build more robust products at less cost, Simrit, the industrial sealing products division of Freudenberg-NOK, is bringing its proven Plug & Seal plug connection technology to the Americas. Simrit’s Plug & Seal connectors are specially designed to provide durable, leak-free connections between housings, pipes and assemblies which transport gases and liquids. Since their debut in Europe more than five years ago, Plug & Seal connectors have proven to be robust sealing solutions and are particularly popular with engine manufacturers who strive to achieve reliable performance over the longest life span. “We are thrilled to introduce this new product solution to the Americas,” said Dave Burgess, agriculture/construction and diesel engine sales manager for Simrit. “Our Plug & Seal components, like all Simrit products, provide unmatched sealing technology expertise and reliable performance for our customers worldwide.” Applications for the Plug & Seal connector include: the cooling, air and oil systems for gasoline and diesel engines; ancillary engine components, such as turbochargers, superchargers and intake manifolds; and transmission systems. According to Simrit, because of its one-piece design, Plug & Seal connectors offer several advantages over multi-piece O-ring connector assemblies that are often used in these applications, including: - Quicker installation and replacement; - More robust connection that compensates for misalignment; - Reduced complexity, logistics and assembly costs; and - Longer service life (typically 10 to 50 percent longer). Simrit’s Plug & Seals also operate under high pressure, provide sound insulation and can combine multiple functions in a single component. The Simrit Plug & Seal connector consists of a pipe section (made of steel, aluminum or plastic) covered on the outside with an elastomeric coating that incorporates sealing beads and shock absorbing ridges. Simrit can design and manufacture individual product solutions using a wide range of elastomers to meet specific customer requirements. The plug connection can also be customized to accommodate internal and external sealing, as well as adding other functions.


• Lubricant pressure within seal cavity: 2 kg/cm2, maximum. • Circumferential speed: 2m/sec., maximum • Temperature range: –40°C to 100°C • Fluid retained: lubricating oil • Foreign material excluded: soil, sand, mud, water, etc. • Sizes: 38 mm to 429 mm (inside diameters)
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