Pluggable 14-slot AdvancedTCA Full Mesh Backplane


Elma Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes has developed a 14-slot Full Mesh ATCA Backplane with full pluggability.

The 14-slot ATCA backplane features a 18-layer stripline design with pluggable fan tray, shelf manager, and power entry connectors. Compliant to the PICMG 3.0 specification, the 14-slot ATCA has a theoretical performance of 1 terabit/sec. Elma Bustronic's Signal Integrity (SI) lab has performed simulation and backplane characterization to ensure the highest performance. The company's unique ATCA probe card makes accurate and sophisticated measurement possible.

Dual Star or Mesh configurations can be utilized within this same backplane. This offers customers more choices, allowing flexibility in their design. AdvancedTCA has several key features including Gigabyte/Terabyte per second bandwidth across each shelf, 150-200W per board and 3 Kilowatts per chassis power, and accommodates larger (8U x 280mm) boards on a 1.2 mm pitch which allows larger/taller components and more space on each board.

Founded in 1989, Elma Bustronic specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance backplanes. Elma Bustronic has a complete line of industry-standard backplanes, including CompactPCI, VME, VME64x, H.110 CT, VXI, VXS, and ATCA. Elma Bustronic's custom design service combines creative engineering, highly sophisticated computer simulation and modern design techniques to offer customized backplanes that meet the most specialized system requirements. A member of the ELMA Electronic group, Elma Bustronic is located in Fremont, California. Elma Bustronic is a member of PICMG*, VITA, and the StarFabric Trade Association.
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