BURGAW, NORTH CAROLINA, JANUARY 2, 2008. Wieland Electric introduces
its gesis® IP+ (Ingress Protection) family of pluggable connectors.
IP+ connectors reduce on-site system installation time as compared to
conventional wiring. The product range consists of four basic
components: connectors for on-site assembly, preassembled plug-in
distribution units, cut to length over molded cable assemblies, and
panel mount or device connectors. Factory preassembly and testing of
pluggable components and delivery, ready-to-install, replaces
conventional on-site requirements including cutting cables to length,
stripping cable sheaths and wire insulation, and component
connection. Elimination of these time consuming operations reduces
errors and speeds production.

The gesis IP+ system can be used wherever electrical power or signals
need to be distributed. Two family versions are available. The
first version, comprised of three and five pole screw clamp
connectors, is UL and CSA rated 25A, 600V, 10 AWG. The second
version, comprised of two to five pole screw clamp connectors, is UL
and CSA rated 20A, 600V, 12 AWG. Both the 20A and 25A connector
families feature IP 65 - 68 protection rating ensuring reliable
operation in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. These ratings
make IP+ connectors applicable for material handling and lighting
industries. Material handling includes elevators and moving stairs,
conveying equipment, and monorail systems. Lighting includes street,
decorative, construction site, and fountain. With the available
range of device connectors almost any lighting fixture can be made
pluggable and lighting manufacturers can integrate these connectors
into their products.

Installers will appreciate the convenient location of preassembled IP
+ device connectors. Elimination of the need to open the device to
complete electrical connection precludes possibility of incorrect
assembly, of particular importance for devices requiring water

On-site gesis IP+ components are available for immediate delivery.
Cut to length cables require six weeks delivery. To receive free
gesis IP+ literature, call TOLL FREE: 800-943-5263, FAX:
910-259-3691, or email: In Canada, TEL:
905-829-8414, FAX: 905-829-8413, or email:

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