Plum® emergency eye and skin wash product line


Weber Scientific will become the first American distributor to offer an innovative line of emergency eye and skin wash products manufactured by the Danish company Plum Skin Safety.  The line is distinguished by several state-of-the-art features, including a pH-neutralizing rinsing solution; flexible, ergonomic eye cups; and sterile, pre-filled wash bottles designed to ensure effective rinsing and minimize waste. The bottles require no routine maintenance or cleaning and meet all U.S. federal regulations.

The line will be available to American distributors through Bel-Art Products.  

“Plum products, including the pH-neutralizing eye and skin washes, have been available in Europe for over ten years and we are excited to introduce these products to the American market,” said Bel-Art Product Manager Robert N. Petersen.

Eye and skin injuries caused by corrosives and/or debris are often serious and can cause damage rapidly. In the case of an accident that could cause temporary or permanent damage, instant access to fast and effective emergency eye and skin wash is crucial.  Whether a workplace carries the risk of injury from debris, chemicals, or both, there is a Plum product to meet these needs.

“According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 36,000 non-fatal eye injuries resulting in days away from work occur each year at the workplace. Being safe means being prepared. Installing Plum emergency eye and skin washes in your workplace demonstrates your commitment to safety,” said Petersen.

One of the line’s most cutting-edge features is the availability of two different types of rinsing solution.  The first solution is sterile 0.9% sodium chloride, or saline, which is standard in traditional eye washes.  This solution corresponds to the eye’s natural fluid to gently wash away particulate debris.

While saline solution is an effective rinse for a debris-related injury, it does little to restore pH, which may be dangerously altered in an accident involving acids, alkalis or chemicals.  For this reason, Plum also offers a sterile 4.9% buffered phosphate solution that rapidly neutralizes acids and alkalis to restore the eye’s natural pH.  It is the only emergency rinsing solution of its kind in the world.  The pH-neutralizing solution has been proven to completely restore the eye’s pH in 20 seconds or less, while rinsing with classic saline solution makes only minor changes in pH after 45 seconds.  These few seconds can make the difference in preventing chemicals from penetrating the cornea and permanently impairing vision.
Another unique feature is the built-in eye cup on each eye wash bottle.  Flexible and form-fitting, the eye cup has many elements that ensure gentle and effective rinsing, including: ergonomic design to keep eyelid open during use; control-flow nozzles for efficient rinsing and less waste; drain holes to lead fluid and debris away from the eye during rinsing; color-coding to indicate solution type; dust cap to ensure cleanliness; and molded-in arrows that indicate direction to twist open.  Bottles come in 200 and 500 mL sizes and can be stored in wall-mountable stations or used on their own in vehicles, toolboxes or first aid kits.
Like the eye wash bottles, the Plum emergency shower bottle has several features to ensure its effectiveness.  The 1000 mL bottle is pre-filled with pH-neutralizing solution and equipped with a special wide-pattern spray nozzle that distributes liquid rapidly and evenly over a large area of the body.  The hand-held bottle allows the user to control solution flow and rinse designated areas of the skin, unlike fixed emergency showers that soak the entire body.

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